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                Company Introduction:

                Founded in 2004, Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. (formerly Chaozhou Beauty Fashion Co., Ltd.) is a high-end wedding dress enterprise integrating design, manufacture, and export trade (licensed import and export cooperation), located in Xihe Road, Chaozhou. It serves as Vice President unit of Chaozhou Garment Industry Association. The company signed the “Framework Agreement for Collaborative Innovation Development” with the local university as a base for production, study, and research. It owns three branches, namely: Hong Kong Pretty Lady Co., Ltd., Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd. Xiangqiao Branch, Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd. Yixi Branch Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress CO., Ltd.Chengxi Branch.

                Guangdong Pretty Lady Wedding Dress Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Equity Exchange on November 18, 2015. It is the first wedding dress enterprise listed in Chaozhou City (Shanghai Equity Code: 207926). The successful listing of the company has transformed the company from product management to capital management, from indirect financing to direct financing, leading the company to embark the path of internationalization.


                Production capacity and professional integration: 

                Our products sell well in dozens of countries and regions in the world, and exports reached about 100,000 pieces each year. In 2017,it exports more than 43 million RMB,and paid 4.25 million yuan to the state,It was rated as a important enterprise in the local area.In recent years, we have gradually opened up the domestic market. We provide haute couture for CCTV hosts, celebrities and singers, as well as wedding and evening dresses for domestic and international supper models and various auditions across the country.


                Company management:

                The company brings together all kinds of talents. It has a professional sales team, passionate and creative designers, and supportive technical staff. This strong and effective group form the heart of the company.


                Design and technology:

                The company employs British,Italian and American designers to assist in product design.We are honored to have Jiaqi Xie, one of the top ten fashion designer in China, as the Design Director. The company owns 11 valid intellectual properties, including 1 invention patent and 10 software works. In 2017, our company applied for the second batch of national high-tech enterprises and the entered the first high-tech enterprise pool. In 2017, our company received the Industrial Contribution Award and Best Wedding Dress Award in China (Chaozhou) International Wedding Dress Week.

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